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Vogel's Tablet Mounts and Stands

Enjoy your tablet at eye level, at home or on the road.

Tablets are becoming more and more integral to how we run our lives and research information. For example, many handheld devices can be operated remotely via tablet apps, like thermostats, lighting and smart plugs. Tablets are also used to research the Internet, search for a favourite recipe, listen to music, or watch a favourite TV series. Tablets are a fantastic device to have handy in any room of the house, and especially in the car for kids!

Storing a tablet in a fixed location is a convenient solution to keep the device protected, and secured for ease of use. With a Vogel’s tablet holder, you can easily mount your tablet on any surface. On a wall, cabinet or tiles, perhaps even without drilling. Your tablet stays securely mounted, making the screen easy to read and the equipment easy to operate. Your tablet is always within easy reach so you can quickly look up a recipe, watch a film or TV show or use an app.

Vogel's has designed a range of tablet holders that can be mounted to a wall at home, securely fixed to the car headrest, or mounted on the car dashboard.

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