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About Amina

Established well over a decade ago, Amina® is now the world’s leading supplier of totally invisible loudspeaker solutions. Amina aims to help individuals and corporations create lifestyle environments that benefit from modern entertainment, information and communication systems whilst not having the design of their living or work environment corrupted by visually obvious technology. Amina is passionate about creating audio technology that presents a ‘lite touch’ in terms of its direct physical impact on the individual whilst enabling the delivery of high quality audio from the latest and most accessible of media platforms.

Learn more about Amina loudspeaker technology via the two educational videos to the right of this page.

Edge Series – The latest innovation in invisible speaker technology

A new revolutionary design for invisible loudspeaker technology, the Amina Edge offers smooth low frequency extension with increased power handling and sensitivity, resulting in a dynamic and engaging listening experience that has never before been heard from an invisible loudspeaker.

Building on the incredible performance of the Mobius Series, Amina Edge loudspeakers incorporate OptiDamping, OptiDrive and Reduced-Resonance Exciter technology, built into a plaster up-to design. Designed for use where there is no wet plaster skim (drywall), Edge loudspeakers have been designed much like a piece of tapered-edge plasterboard. Once filled, taped and painted, the loudspeaker becomes fully invisible. Amina Edge speakers can also be installed as post-plaster product (retrofit) where there is a full wet skim (Edge speakers should not be fully plastered over).

Mobius Series – highly flexible design integration

The Mobius Series provides the greatest flexibility for interior design integration and installation of any invisible loudspeaker. Delivering incredible high frequency performance across the entire listening position, allowing for perfect reproduction with all the detail and clarity, no matter where in the space you are listening from.

Engineered to work behind a range of covering materials such as wet plaster skim (2mm), wood, leather or high pressure laminate, Mobius Loudspeakers offer the most flexible invisible audio solution available.

Passive Integrated Subwoofers

Designed to be installed into the fabric of the property, visible only by way of the port vent, Amina subwoofers offer smooth low frequency extension with minimal visual impact.

With bass performance that can add warmth or shake a room when needed, the range of passive subwoofers compliment the range of Amina VPT loudspeakers to help deliver a breathtaking full bandwidth experience.